Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Art of Empowerment

Attitudinal Change – The Art of Empowerment

(Discovering and living what is personally meaningful)

Transformation = Having new eyes; a shift in perspective; a breakthrough insight that generates new possibilities and actions; the manifesting of new reality

Two ways to change behavior: Which option is easier? Which option is more sustainable?

  1. Change one’s belief for a change in behavior
  2. Change one’s behavior and a change in belief follows

Attitudinal Change Principles and Enablers

In supporting ourselves and in facilitating others ….

  • Assume people have inherent wisdom and creative intelligence.
  • A certain degree of self-awareness capacity is necessary.
  • Self-responsibility is a pre-requisite to empowerment.
  • Choice needs to be available. Ensure this is a voluntary process – by invitation (vs force).
  • Expanding our consciousness is a commitment to growth.
  • Cultivating a neutral, observer self is helpful to explore who we are.
  • Mindfulness helps to create the space for curiosity.
  • Start from a place of compassion vs judgment. Emotional safety is a pre-requisite to opening up.
  • Risk-taking is about being radically honest with self. Courage is needed to let go of the known.
  • Check out our assumptions. What self-talk or messages do we give ourselves?
  • Know that our beliefs are NOT who we really are.
  • Develop a need or a sense of urgency. A personal vision of what you want is more compelling.
  • A problem-centered approach is not the most motivating place to start (what’s wrong with me?)
  • ….. and more … to follow ..;-)…